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It consists of Gemel Marine Technical Co., Gemel Research and Development Co. Ltd. and Gemel Electronic Companies. It is a company established in 1983 in Antalya Turkey. As Gemel Group Companies, our business and area of ​​expertise is 'ship electronics and communication systems installation and service. Within the framework of GMDDS - SBM (Shore Base Maintenance) agreements, it undertakes the shore maintenance of ships in all ports and ports of the Mediterranean and Black Sea. GEMEL R & D Electronic San. Trade Ltd. Şti. is an R&D company established in Mersin Technology Development Zone (Technoscope), with the aim of transforming the maritime experiences of its founders into product-oriented projects. GEMEL R & D, maritime navigation, communication, electronic navigation aids to the sector; develops engineering and software solutions. With its own software, GEMEL manufactures the "Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class B device" with the most ideal deviation rates in the world. GEMEL aimed to innovate in high-tech products needed by the industry by synthesizing its knowledge and needs knowledge with its R&D studies. With its electronic laboratory, test environment, tools-equipment and software tools, it works with its experienced team and produces innovative products. As a completely independent and high-tech product, it has succeeded in producing a unique and original transponder unit within the European Union and Turkey.

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